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This “UpStream Client User” role is designed for your clients. They are the people paying your bills, so they have any interest in how the project is going. They  have permission to access projects that you assign them to.

In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of what UpStream Client Users can do by default. If you want to dig deeper and customize permissions, click here to read about UpStream’s permission options.

An UpStream Client User will not normally log in to the WordPress admin area. However, every WordPress user gets some access to the WordPress admin area – this is a WordPress feature that is independent of WordPress. To stop this from being a problem, an UpStream Client User will only be able to edit their profile. This image shows what they would see in the WordPress admin area:

UpStream Client User in the WordPress admin

An UpStream Client User should be told to access the /projects/ URL. UpStream is designed so that they interact with projects here, via the frontend of your site. Here they can see all the projects that they have been given access to:

The projects URL for UpStream Client Users

Basic Permissions for Client Users

If you want to allow your Client Users to add tasks, bugs, files and more, you can do this if you have the the Frontend Edit extension installed.

Although Client Users don’t normally do the work in a project, it is possible to assign Tasks, Files, Bugs and other items to Upstream Client Users.

For example, if you need an UpStream Client User to send you a logo file, you can create a File called “Logo” and assign it to your client.

If you have the Email Notifications extension installed, the user will get email reminders about the item.

Advanced Permissions for Client Users

By default, UpStream Client Users are NOT given many permissions. Things they can not do include:

  • Manage the site-wide UpStream settings
  • Manage UpStream settings for individual projects.
  • Access Projects they are not directly assigned to.
  • Add Milestones

However, it is possible to customize some of the permissions given to Client Users.

UpStream works with the WordPress core, so many user management plugins will work with UpStream.

For example, the Members plugin is free to use, and will allow you to change the permissions for UpStream roles. The image below shows how you can change the permissions for Client Users. Click here for instructions on using Members with UpStream.

Editing permissions for an UpStream Client User

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