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Using an XML definition file, you can set view, edit, create, and delete permissions for any UpStream object, as well as individual fields.  Want to hide a field from certain users?  You can do it with Advanced Permissions.  Want to make certain objects read only? You can do that too.

The Advanced Permissions extension allows you to define permissions for users in a nearly infinite number of ways.

Choose individual users or user roles, and set permissions for nearly any object or field.

Upstream Advanced Permissions settings

Make certain fields visible, hidden, or read-only, depending on the user or user role, so everyone has the right access level.

You can ensure that only users that need to edit certain fields or objects can do so, and you can make certain fields invisible to others.  You can even set the commenting rules for objects.

When users try to view or edit data, what they see depends on their access rules.