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This extension allows you and your Clients to update projects via the frontend of your site

The Frontend Edit extension is a very important extension if you want to use UpStream via the frontend of your WordPress site.

The Fronted Edit extension will allow yourself, your users and your clients to interact with projects via the front of your site.

You can add and edit Tasks, Bugs, Files and Discussions directly within any Project.

After installing and activating the Frontend Edit extension, new buttons will appear on the frontend that allow logged in users to easily edit, delete or add new items which then appear directly within the project.┬áThe extension also allows users to upload files for the project and also to upload files within each ‘Bug’.

In the image below, these buttons are added by the Frontend Edit extension:

  • The blue “Add Task” button
  • The grey “Edit” icon

If you click the blue “Add Task” button, or the white edit button, you’ll see a pop-up window where you can update the project:

Users can upload files

With the Frontend edit extension, users can also upload files via the frontend of the site: