Frontend Edit


This extension allows you and your Clients to update projects via the frontend of your site

The Frontend Edit extension is a very important extension if you want to use UpStream via the frontend of your WordPress site.

The Fronted Edit extension will allow yourself, your users and your clients to interact with projects via the front of your site.

You can add and edit Tasks, Bugs, Files and Discussions directly within any Project.

After installing and activating the Frontend Edit extension, new buttons will appear on the frontend that allow logged in users to easily edit, delete or add new items which then appear directly within the project. The extension also allows users to upload files for the project and also to upload files within each ‘Bug’.

In the image below, these buttons are added by the Frontend Edit extension:

  • The blue “Add Task” button
  • The grey “Edit” icon

If you click the blue “Add Task” button, or the white edit button, you’ll see a pop-up window where you can update the project:

With the Frontend edit extension, users can also upload files via the frontend of the site:


Simple checkboxes will appear next to each Client User in the admin area to easily select which items they are allowed to publish.

Permissions for users can also be set on a ‘per-field’ basis.

Which means that you can still allow all fields to be visible but only allow adding and editing of certain fields. This allows for great flexibility.

Easily Customized

The Frontend Edit extension uses the same template system as the main plugin, which means you can easily overwrite files by copying them and adding them to a folder within your own theme. You can then make any changes you need to that file.

This allows you to change the order of fields, add your own custom fields or any other layout changes you need.

As well as this there are also filters and action hooks to make the extension developer friendly.


  • Add, edit and delete Tasks, Bugs, Files & Messages on the frontend
  • Give Client Users access to add, edit and delete
  • Simple checkboxes to restrict access for individual Client Users
  • Developer friendly and easily customizable

Licensing FAQ’s

What are License Keys

A License Key is a unique key that helps us identify who has purchased our products. The key is pasted into a field within the UpStream Settings on your website. Once the key is pasted into the field, our system can then push extension updates directly to you. Each key is valid for 12 months, during which time you will also be eligible for Full Support by our UpStream plugin developers.

How many sites can I activate my license on?

This all depends on the license type that you have purchased. A Personal license can be used for 1 website, Business licenses allow between 2-5 websites and a Developer license allows you to use your license key on unlimited websites.

How long is my license valid for?

All licenses (except Lifetime) are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. After the 12 month period, your extensions will still continue to work. The license is only for support and updates.

What happens if I do not renew my license?

All of your extensions and the main UpStream plugin will still continue work.
Automatic updates however will cease to work and you will no longer be eligible to receive support from our UpStream developers if you let your license expire.

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