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Effective Project Management

UpStream is the most advanced project management system for WordPress


Milestones are used to group a set of Tasks together. They help you to successfully plan and track the progress of your project from start to finish.

Milestones can be color coded, you can assign Milestones to any user, select start and end dates as well as adding notes.


Tasks are the nitty-gritty of the Project. They are the day to day activities that need to be accomplished within a certain timeframe and are assigned to users so that they can complete the task.

Tasks can be assigned to users, have start and end dates, color coded statuses, notes, plus progress of the task. When you assign a Task to a Milestone, the progress of that Task automatically goes toward the progress of the Milestone it is assigned to.

Bug Tracking & Issue Reporting

Easily report bugs or issues as they arise. And just like milestones and tasks, you can assign the bug to a user, add the status, severity of the bug, a description, due date and you can also attach files to each individual bug, which is handy for screenshots.

And just like tasks and milestones, you can also add your own custom fields.

Highly Customizable

With well thought out settings and options, you can configure UpStream to work the way you need it to.

You can add your own custom fields wherever you like, create your own statuses with whatever colors you choose and plenty more. You can even rename projects, milestones, tasks, bugs and clients. Prefer to rename ‘Bugs’ as ‘Issues’? Rather call a ‘Project’ a ‘Plan’ or call a ‘Client’ a ‘Customer’? Go for it!

Frontend View

Allow your clients to view the details and the progress of the project via the frontend. They never need to see the WordPress admin.

Using a customized login system, you can determine which users of your client can have access to the project and also to which parts of the project they can view.

Client Management

A client (in the eyes of UpStream) is a business, a company or perhaps a freelancer.

When adding a client, you can include their address details, phone, email and logo. You can also add any custom fields that you need. You can also add users to each client and assign project access to any of these users.

Project Discussion

Avoid messy email trails and keep the entire discussion about your project right where it should be, within the project!

Any user can add to the discussion and as with every feature in UpStream, there is very fine grained user permissions. Combine this with the Front End Edit extension and you can allow your clients to add to the discussion.

Project Activity

Track every single aspect of the project. All activity is logged and displayed within each project. This means that any item that is added, edited or deleted is logged, with the old and new values displayed.

You can view just the last 10, last 20 or all items in the activity log.