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Tags and Categories are a very popular way to organize content in WordPress.

Many WordPress users are familiar with Tags and Categories from writing Post. The Tags and Categories you use in UpStream work in exactly the same way but there’s no overlap. You can create your own categorization just for UpStream.

“Categories” and “Tags” are available as menu links in UpStream:

new UpStream menu links

By default, the Tags and Categories can be applied to Projects. However, if you have the Custom Fields extension installed, you can also add Tags and Categories to Milestones, Tasks, Bugs and Files.

Let’s see an example of how this works.

  • Go to Projects > Tags.
  • Create several Tags. I’m using Tags releated to Apple products:
Tags for an UpStream Projects
  • Go to Projects > Custom Fields.
  • Click “New Custom Field”.
  • Choose “Tag” as the Field Type (you could alternatively choose “Category”).
Create a Tag Field Type
  • On the right-side, choose to use this Field on Tasks.
  • Click “Publish”.
Use Tags fields on Tasks

Now, when you go to create a Task, you can add your Tags:

add Tags to Tasks in UpStream

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