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If you are using the Custom Fields extension for the first time, make sure you have downloaded and installed the extension. These articles will help you get started:

The Custom Fields extension allow you to create all sorts of extra information for your projects, milestones, tasks, bugs, and files. For example, in a web design project, the bugs could have fields for the browser type, PHP version, and screen size.

What Custom Fields are available?

Custom Fields currently supports 9 field types:

  1. Text
  2. Dropdown
  3. File
  4. Radio buttons
  5. Checkboxes
  6. Color Picker
  7. Category
  8. Tag
  9. Autoincrement

How Custom Fields Works

  • When Custom Fields is installed, you’ll see a new menu link:
Custom Fields menu link
  • Click “Add New Custom Field” and you’ll see the choice of field type. Once you choose a field type, you can then choose the specific options for that type.
choosing a field type
  • Each Custom Field can be assigned to Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Bugs and/or Files:
assigning custom fields
  • Custom Fields can be used via the admin area of your site:
using custom fields in the admin area
  • They can also be used via the frontend of your site, if you have the Frontend Edit extension installed.
using Custom Fields via the frontend of your site

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