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If you are using the Calendar View extension for the first time, make sure you have downloaded and installed the extension. These articles will help you get started:

What does the Calendar View extension do?

The Calendar View extension allows you to easily see everything that’s happening in a single project, or all your projects.

You can see due dates for all the milestones, tasks, and bugs. These dates will appear in a calendar-style layout.

The Calendar View extension is a very useful tool for keeping up-to-date on all your projects. Inside each project, you’ll see a calendar giving a color-coded overview of all your due dates:

The Calendar View for single projects

Unlike some other extensions, Calendar View does not appear in the admin area of your site. It only appears in the front-end view for single projects.

This image below shows the front-end view in action. All these items are taken from the project you are looking at. Each item is color-coded, using the colors selected in the UpStream settings.

Calendar View default

The Calendar View for all projects

The Calendar View is also available from your main frontend “All Projects” screen. This gives you an overview of progress on ALL your projects.

By default, the Calendar View will show the start and end date for each item. It will look like the single project image above.

However, it’s also possible to change to a “bar” view so you can see which projects are currently in progress. This is shown in the image below. This gives you a birds-eye view, without needing to see every items for every project.

bars view in Calendar View

Edit items directly from the Calendar

If you click on a milestone, task or bug, you’ll see a pop-up window with all the relevant details.

Click on the “Edit” button and you’ll immediately be taken to edit that item.

edit options in Calendar View

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