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= [1.3.2] – 2019-07-25 =

* Updated text and labels;
* Fixed start and end arrows for milestones;
* Fixed the calendar grid in Firefox;

= [1.3.1] – 2019-05-22 =

* Fixed a fatal error when a task has dates but doesn\’t have a milestone;
* Fixed the color for milestones in the calendar;

= [1.3.0] – 2019-04-29 =

* Fixed compatibility with new Milestone data structure;
* Fixed drag-and-drop for items in the Calendar Overview page;
* Fixed the popover title in the calendar;
* Fixed the tooltip of calendar items removing the HTML code;
* Temporarily disabled option to create items in the Calendar Overview page;
* Added UpStream 1.24 as minimum required version;

= [1.2.0] – 2019-03-07 =

* Fixed minor code organization issues;
* Fixed call to the composer autoloader to avoid missed requirements;
* Improved calendar style and visual feedback on day interval selection;
* Fixed style for popups that where being partially displayed;
* Added feature for adding items right in the calendar just clicking on a date;
* Added feature for adding items right in the calendar clicking on a day and dragging to another day for setting the start and end dates;
* Added feature for automatically assign new items to the filtered user, if filtered;
* Fixed the missed loading message in the calendar;
* Added icon to make easier to identify the start and end dates for items;
* Added the feature to drag and drop items in the calendar, moving to different days;

= [1.1.1] – 2019-01-15 =

* Fixed the HTML content of popovers in the calendar;
* Fixed calendar\’s table layout for IE 11;

= [1.1.0] – 2018-12-13 =

* Added persistent state to collapsed box in the front-end;
* Added sortable behavior to the calendar panel in the front-end;
* Added ID to the menu item;
* Fixed the style for the calendar in the IE 11;
* Changed the attribute ID of the calendar\’s DIV tag in the front-end to \”calendar\”;

= [1.0.10] – 2018-09-14 =

* Fixed invalid dates result of some wrong timezone calculation;

=v1.0.9 – Jun 07, 2018

* Fixed a PHP warning when there is no bugs in the project;
* Fixed start and end dates when using timezone other than UTC;
* Fixed PHP warnings when there is no milestones in the project;

* Moved the calendar overview to a specific page and submenu;

v1.0.8 – Apr 26, 2018

* Added support for dynamic Milestones, Colors and Statuses

v1.0.7 – Apr 18, 2018

* Performance enhancements

* Fixed PHP warnings thrown when items didn\’t have both Start/End dates

v1.0.6 – Apr 02, 2018

* Fixed JS error when trying to filter data
* Fixed more PHP warnings in PHP >= 7.2 environments

v1.0.5 – Mar 27, 2018

* Fixed yet another bug where some dates were missed by 1 day

v1.0.4 – Mar 08, 2018

* Added support for multiple assignees

v1.0.3 – Feb 15, 2018

* Update year in copyright info

* Fix collaterals from the new frontend tables changes

v1.0.2 – Dec 28, 2017

* Update check process now takes at least half the time it took on previous versions

* Fixed Edit button being unclickable under certain circunstances

v1.0.1 – Nov 09, 2017

– Calendar Overview now displays all items instead of timeframes by default

– Fix bug affecting click/longpress actions on some touch devices
– Fixed some Projects being left out of Calendar Overview due internal fetch methods pagination
– Fixed Tasks\’s Milestones fields having incoherent values
– Fixed current date not considering WP timezone

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