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Users who are in the UpStream Manager roles can basically do anything within UpStream.

By default, this role has full control over all UpStream settings, all projects, all clients and basically has every permission and capability within the UpStream plugin. If you want to dig deeper and customize permissions, click here to read about UpStream’s permission options. You can see a chart of each user type and their default permissions here.

When an UpStream Manager logs into the WordPress admin area, they will see the menu options in the menu below. Many of the default WordPress options are missing, but the UpStream Managers have full access to UpStream:

UpStream Manager permissions inside WordPress

The UpStream Manager will have access to all the features under “Projects”:

UpStream Manager menu options

For these reasons, be careful who you place in the UpStream Manager role. They will have powerful access to all your projects.

It is possible to customize some of the permissions given to UpStream Managers.

UpStream works with the WordPress core, so many user management plugins will work with UpStream.

For example, the Members plugin is free to use, and will allow you to change the permissions for UpStream roles. The image below shows how you can change the permissions for UpStream Managers. Click here for instructions on using Members with UpStream.

UpStream Manager permissions in WordPress

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