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UpStream is 100% ready for translation. We have seen people use UpStream in Spanish, German, Chinese, and many other languages.

Currently, UpStream only supports English in the default installation package. has translated strings for UpStream in several languages, including Spanish, German, and Korean. Click here to see the translations.

Extension Translations

The UpStream extensions do need to be translated, in addition to the UpStream core. Click here for instructions.

We have Spanish translations available for all extensions: Click here to download the Spanish files.

There are also French translations for 5 extensions: Click here to download the French files.

The Default UpStream Language Files

Inside the UpStream files, you will find a /languages/ folder with these files inside for “Australian English” and “New Zealand English”.

What Languages Does UpStream Support?

You can translate UpStream into any language you want. Click here for instructions on how to translate UpStream.

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