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The UpStream plugin is translated into many languages and can be translated into more.

Is UpStream translated into your language?

UpStream is 100% ready for translation. We have seen people use UpStream in Spanish, German, Chinese, and many other languages.

Currently, UpStream only supports English in the default installation package. However, has translated strings for UpStream in several languages, including Spanish, German, and Korean. Click here to see the translations.

If you are looking for UpStream in your language, feel free to email us to see if we have translation files.

If UpStream isn’t available in your language, you are welcome to translate UpStream. We offer 1 free year of membership if you send us a translation file! Email us with your completed files.

How to translate UpStream

The language strings for UpStream are located in 3 places:

  1. The main UpStream plugin
  2. The UpStream extensions
  3. The UpStream settings

If you use UpStream with the extensions, you will need translations in all three of these areas.

  1. Click here for instructions on translating the UpStream plugin.
  2. Click here for instructions on translating the UpStream extensions.
  3. UpStream allows you to change some strings from the settings. Look for language strings by going to UpStream > General, and finding these settings:


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