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Bugs can be added at any time within the project. They are not tied into Milestones or Tasks.

Each Bug can have files attached and detailed notes to help describe the Bug. If you have the Frontend Edit extension installed, click the blue “Add Bug” button. If you don’t have this extension, you can add Bugs from the WordPress admin area.

After clicking the “Add Bug” button, you’ll see a modal window where you can enter the Bug details. Bugs can be assigned to users and can be given a status as well as severity.

You can control the Severity and the Status for bugs by going to UpStream > Bugs.

You can find a list of all the Bugs for all your Projects by going to Projects > Bugs in your admin area:

Disabling Bugs

If you don’t want Bugs on a single project, you can disable them for a single project by checking this box in the Bugs Settings area:

You can also disable Bugs for all your projects by going to UpStream > General and checking this box:

Find out more about disabling features in UpStream by clicking here.

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