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Several different license are available if you want to use UpStream’s premium extensions and support.

Each license offers support for a different number of sites and extensions.

If you want to upgrade to a license that offers more sites and extensions, this guide will show you how. We full pro-rate your upgrades so if you initially paid $40 for your first license, you will receive a $40 discount on your upgrade.

  • Login to your account here at
  • Click “Your Purchase History”.
UpStream Purchase History link
  • Click the “View Upgrades” link for the license you want to upgrade.
UpStream license upgrade link
  • You will see your upgrade options. Click ‘Upgrade License” for the upgrade you want. Notice that the prices are automatically discounted using the full value of your earlier license payment.
  • You will now be in the UpStream checkout process. Complete the checkout process and your license will be automatically upgraded.
Upgrade your UpStream license

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