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If you are using the Project Timeline extension for the first time, make sure you have downloaded and installed the extension. These articles will help you get started:

What does the Project Timeline extension do?

The Project Timeline extension allows you to add a Gantt-style timeline chart to your projects. This video introduces you to the Project Timeline:

With the Project Timeline extension you can view your project Milestones and Tasks in a beautiful timeline. This helps you see at a glance how your project is progressing.

project timeline

Milestones and Tasks are shown in a hierarchy with the first Milestone at the top. All the Tasks belonging to that Milestone directly beneath it.

In this example, “Development” is the name of the Milestone, and there are 3 tasks underneath:

The user that is assigned to each task will also have their image displayed on the timeline so you know exactly who is doing what at a glance. Click here to add an avatar for each user.

The Project Timeline shows color-coded Milestones and Tasks, with the progress represented as a small green progress bar beneath each item.

Hovering over each bar in the timeline will popup with a more detailed view of that particular task or milestone which shows the start & end dates, progress, who the item is assigned to and which Milestone the Task belongs to, all presented in a beautiful looking timeline chart.

This video is a quick-start guide to using the Project Timeline:

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