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The Email Notifications extension sends emails from the UpStream plugin.

Language in the Emails

You can find the language for the content in /wp-content/plugins/upstream-email-notifications/upstream-email-notifications.pot.

You can translate this language using this guide.

Layout of the Emails

You will find the key file for the email layout by going to /wp-content/plugins/upstream-email-notifications/Reminders.php. This file contains the HTML layout.

In the future, we aim to improve this system and move these emails into separate template files.

If you do want to change the UpStream email templates now, we have a workaround available:

  • Download this plugin and add it to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Go to your WordPress admin area, click “Plugins” and enable this plugin.
  • You can now edit the HTML for UpStream emails.

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