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On the frontend of UpStream projects, you will see that a “Progress” percentage is visible. This Progress shows how far you have progressed with your project. That percentage is shown in the screenshot below.

Let’s take you through an example of how the percentage is calculated.

In the image below, the overall project progress is 59%.

Project progress in UpStream

The overall progress of a project is calculated from the Milestones on a project. In this project, look at the image below and you can see that there are three Milestones. Each Milestone is in a different stage of completion. However, if you add up the percentages you get 177%. If you divide this by the 3 Tasks you end up with exactly 59%.

Milestone progress in UpStream

Diving deeper into these calculations, you might ask: “How is the Progress calculated for Milestones?”

The answer is “Tasks”.

In this next image below, you can see two Tasks are assigned to the “Launch” milestone. The Tasks have a total percentage of 55%. If you divide this total by two Task, you arrive at 27.5%.

In the Milestones image above, you can see that is rounded to 27%.

Task Progress in UpStream

So, in short, this is how project progress is calculated in UpStream:

  • Project Progress is calculated from the average of all Milestones.
  • Milestone Progress is calculated from the average of all Tasks assigned to that Milestone.

Please note that if a Task is not assigned to a Milestone, it will not contribute to the overall Project Progress.

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