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The Frontend Edit extension gives you the the ability to create and edit projects from the frontend of your site.

Creating projects from the frontend

On the main /projects/ page of UpStream, you will see an “Add project” button.

Add new projects in UpStream

Click the “Add project” button and you’ll see a pop-up that allows you to create a new project. Here you can also choose many of the most important project settings:

Choosing settings for new projects in UpStream

Editing projects from the frontend

On the frontend of UpStream with the Frontend Edit extension installed, you will see a pencil icon on the /projects/ page. This will allow you to edit the details for individual projects:

Editing icon for projects in UpStream

This pencil icon is also available on single project pages:

Pencil editing icon for projects in UpStream

If you click on either of these pencil icons, you’ll be able to edit the same details as when you create a project.


These new creating and editing features are controlled by two permissions.

  • publish_projects: controls who can create new projects
  • edit_projects: controls who can edit projects

The best way to control these (and other UpStream permissons) is with a plugin like Members. This plugin is free and allows you to completely customize the permisson in UpStream.

Permissons for projects in UpStream

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