The Latest UpStream Extension is Copy Project

The new UpStream extension is called “Copy Project“.

The Copy Project extension allows you to duplicate any existing UpStream Project.

Many UpStream users will create one project template and then use it for every project. The Copy Project extension allows you to do that. This makes it perfect for anyone who uses a standard approach for their projects.

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Good News: Client Users are now WordPress Users

When you’re first developing a plugin, some early decisions work out really well.

Other decisions … not so much.

That was the situation with Client Users in UpStream. Before now, Client Users weren’t real WordPress users. This led to some significant limitations.
For example, Client Users couldn’t change their own password, or upload their own avatars.

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New in UpStream 1.10: Filters and Embeds

Version 1.10 of UpStream is out, and we’ve added two much-requested features.

  1. There are now filters to help you drill down through a long list of tasks and bugs.
  2. You can also add images, plus videos and other embeds into the WYSIWYG areas in UpStream.

Here’s an explanation of both of these new features:

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Meet the New UpStream Extension: Customizer

Today we’re delighted to release “Customizer“, a new UpStream extension.

The Customizer extension adds an extra options page to the UpStream Settings section. These options allow you to easily brand and style the frontend of the UpStream plugin. Rather than use the default WordPress colors, you can use your own branding.

You can upload your logo and resize it to fit, add custom footer text and change virtually every color with the click of a button.

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5 New Features in UpStream Version 1.8

In the last couple of weeks, you might have seen two updates to Upstream: versions 1.7 and then 1.8.

We’re pleased to say that all of these changes in these versions were made from customer requests. We are listening and acting on your feedback, so if you have any requests for improving UpStream, please let us know.

Here’s an overview of the new UpStream features:

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