Coming Soon: the Calendar View for UpStream Projects

“Calendar View” is a new extension we hope to launch in the next few weeks.

This calendar display will allow you to easily see everything that’s happening in a project. You’ll be able to see due dates for all the milestones, tasks, and bugs.

This extension is part of the UpStream roadmap.

Before launching, we’d love to send you a copy for feedback. Are you interested? Read this blog post and then get in touch.

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What’s New in UpStream 1.12.0?

This latest release of UpStream includes several customer requests, and quite a few bug-fixes.

Let’s give you a rundown of everything that’s new in UpStream 1.12.0:

  1. Easier and Safer Editing
  2. The Project Screen is Now Full-Width
  3. Disable Clients, Categories, and Discussions
  4. Customize the Support Link
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WPTranslationDay: Help Translate UpStream and Get Free Licenses

Did you know that more than half of new WordPress installs are in a language other than English?

The WordPress community is trying hard to grow beyond English. One important factor in that growth is making sure that plugins and themes are available in as many languages as possible.

WordPress users are holding the third WPTranslationDay on September 30.

We’d love to help this effort by making UpStream available in more languages.

UpStream currently only arrives with English files, although Spanish, German and Portuguese translations will launch this month.

We’ll give a free Business license to the Everything Bundle for any more translations.

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The Email Notifications Extension Now Has Automatic Reminders

The Email Notifications extension allows you to send email updates and reminders to people working on your projects.

We’ve just released a major update to Email Notifications – you can now set up default reminders.

In previous versions of Email Notifications, users were notified whenever Milestones, Tasks or Bugs were assigned to them.

Now, they can also get reminders when a due date approaches.

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The Latest UpStream Extension is Copy Project

The new UpStream extension is called “Copy Project“.

The Copy Project extension allows you to duplicate any existing UpStream Project.

Many UpStream users will create one project template and then use it for every project. The Copy Project extension allows you to do that. This makes it perfect for anyone who uses a standard approach for their projects.

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Good News: Client Users are now WordPress Users

When you’re first developing a plugin, some early decisions work out really well.

Other decisions … not so much.

That was the situation with Client Users in UpStream. Before now, Client Users weren’t real WordPress users. This led to some significant limitations.
For example, Client Users couldn’t change their own password, or upload their own avatars.

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New in UpStream 1.10: Filters and Embeds

Version 1.10 of UpStream is out, and we’ve added two much-requested features.

  1. There are now filters to help you drill down through a long list of tasks and bugs.
  2. You can also add images, plus videos and other embeds into the WYSIWYG areas in UpStream.

Here’s an explanation of both of these new features:

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