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We’re hard at work on new features for UpStream. Here are some of the new extensions we plan to release in the new few months.

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This feature will enable you to record the time taken for each task in a project. UpStream will automatically add up all the time logged on a project. This will make it easy to invoice your clients.

This extension will allow you to add more information to tasks and bugs. For example, in a web design project, the bugs could have fields for the browser type, PHP version, and screen size.

This extension will enable you to place several sub-tasks inside a single, larger task. Once all the sub-tasks are complete, the larger task will also be complete.

UpStream provides email notifications, but Slack is the most popular way for people to collaborate in 2017. So why not get project notifications where you do your teamwork … inside Slack?

This extension will allow you to display your project details outside of the UpStream plugin. You’ll be able to display tasks, bug and discussions wherever you want inside WordPress.

This extension will allow you to create sequential tasks. As soon as one task is complete, the next task will start automatically. This is ideal for organizations with fixed project processes.