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WPTranslationDay: Help Translate UpStream And Get Free Licenses

WPTranslationDay: Help Translate UpStream and Get Free Licenses

Did you know that more than half of new WordPress installs are in a language other than English?

The WordPress community is trying hard to grow beyond English. One important factor in that growth is making sure that plugins and themes are available in as many languages as possible.

WordPress users are holding the third WPTranslationDay on September 30.

We’d love to help this effort by making UpStream available in more languages.

UpStream currently only arrives with English files, although Spanish, German and Portuguese translations will launch this month.

We’ll give a free Business license to the Everything Bundle for any more translations.

Are you willing to help translate UpStream?

If you are new to translating WordPress plugins, here are some helpful resources:

To translate a plugin like UpStream into another language, it can be as easy as reading a list of phrases and providing the translation in your language.

This image below shows English and Spanish phrases side-by-side inside Poedit. The translator goes through the phrases one-by-one, entering the Spanish translation in the right-hand column.

You can also email us via and we’ll be happy to help.

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