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UpStream 1.25 Has Lots Of Useful New Features

UpStream 1.25 Has Lots of Useful New Features

UpStream 1.25 is now available with several new features and lots of small bug-fixes.

These features are all driven by your feedback. We really appreciate all of you who use UpStream and take the time to send in useful suggestions.

We’ve been releasing a new version of UpStream at the end of each month. Each new version has 5 or 6 added features, plus bug-fixes. This end-of-month cycle has been successful, so look for more monthly releases in the future.

Give a specific percentage to Statuses

This new feature allows you to be more consistent in how your projects run.

It’s now possible to link the Status for a Task to a percentage. For example, you can decide that “Completed” always means that a Task is at 100% progress. Or perhaps, “Waiting for Approval” always mean that a Task is at 80% approval.

We hope this this will make things easier for people who are creating and editing Tasks.

You can link the Statuses and percentages by going to UpStream > Tasks.

Show Usernames instead of Avatars

You’ll now find a new option called “Show Users Name”. If you set this to “Yes”, you’ll see names instead of avatars. This does take up more screen space, but may be a better option for your team:

To find this setting, go to UpStream > General:

Custom fields for Clients

It’s now possible to use the Custom Fields extension to collect more information on your Clients.

When you create a new field, you can choose to use the field on Clients:

After adding a field, go to UpStream > Clients. Edit a Client and you’ll see the fields in the right sidebar. In the example below, “Client Industry” is a custom field.

You can choose to show these fields on the main “Clients” screen, as in the image below:

More Delete buttons on the frontend

Every item on the frontend of UpStream should now have a red “Delete” button, from Tasks and Milestones, to Projects and Bugs.

Copy a Project from the frontend

If you have the Copy Project extension installed, it will now work on the frontend of your site too. You will see a small “Copy” icon next to the “Edit” pencil:

Full details and changelogs

To make these changes possible, there were releases for three UpStream extensions:

The full changelog for version 1.25 is on

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