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UpStream 1.24.4 Is Built On Your Feedback

UpStream 1.24.4 is Built on Your Feedback

UpStream 1.24.4 is out now and it incorporates dozens of small improvements and bug-fixes that were suggested by UpStream users.

There are also several releases for UpStream extensions.

Here’s an overview of some changes you’ll see in UpStream 1.24.4.

UpStream tables will now show the number of items. For example, you can see “4 Milestones found” in the image below. These results will update if you search or filter the listings.

We split Start Dates and End Dates into separate fields. This makes it easier to order items by these dates. It also means that the CSV export feature works better because the dates aren’t combined into the same column.

Also worth noting is that Project progress is now based directly on Tasks, rather than Milestones. In previous versions of UpStream, the Project progress also involved Milestones, and this made it difficult to disable the “Milestones” feature. Click here to read more about UpStream progress.

Custom Fields improvements

The Custom Fields extension has a couple of new field types.

  • There’s a new field type for selecting WordPress users:
  • There’s a new field type for selecting countries:

Full details and changelogs

To make these changes possible, there were releases for four UpStream extensions:

The full changelog for version 1.24.4 is on

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  1. Hi, i have question regarding status change if task is open stage and the due date come allready but its not finished jet – will it change status to the overdue automaticly?

    1. We’re working on improvements in that area now. For example, the next release will allow you to connect statuses to progress: as soon as you choose “Completed” then the % can change to 100%. Your idea sounds like a good next step.

  2. Hi there, looks like great improvements, any more news on when it will be a standalone plugin and not require the theme to take over wordpress as such? I am interested in using it with woocommerce you see and when an order is made a project would be generated so the customer can follow along to the progress of the woocommerce order. Thanks

    1. Hi James. Sorry, no news on the release of that feature, but it’s very much on our radar. We’d like to release a “Shortcodes” extension so it’s possible to show projects outside of the default theme.

      1. Great to hear it. My specific usecase is basically on woocommerce someone will make an order for a product and that product should kick off a project plan (maybe a prebuilt template of a plan if you get me) and then the customer can see how we complete their order by following along to the project plan. So some kind of Woocommerce integration would be fantastic basically. I know many may not require this kind of thing but I think with woocommerce so popular now surely others want to have their services bought online and for somekind of nice project plan to run alongside those orders then so customers can keep up to date on the timeline of tasks taking place on that order. That is actually my specific use case actually. Just a heads up really incase you guys have already thought of this kind of thing. Thanks

        1. Thanks James. Yes, WooCommerce integration is a popular request. It would likely be 2-way … both buying project access and also invoicing for completed work.

          1. I am not sure if that is exactly what I was referring to, to be honest. Buying project access is maybe a way of phrasing it but just to be clear what I was suggesting is that in my use case anyways, a customer will buy a scientific test, that is a standalone product they will buy and all they want is the report after 30 days of that scientific test. However what would be nice is when they buy the test and create their woocommerce order that a “project plan” is attached to that order (a predefined project plan) that lets say has 10 steps to it. the customer can follow along to that project plan as its being completed and then at the end they get a notification saying complete and I can send them a report. Order complete so to speak. Maybe this is what you mean by buying access to a project, but in my case its not buying access to a project as such, they would buy their project, there just so happens to be a project plan associated with that order you see. This would be amazing to be honest for myself and I assume others who have services that need a predefined project plan to be kicked off when an order is made with woocommerce. Hope this helps. if you need a tester or for me to set up a sandbox of this let me know 🙂 Love to help here as I think in terms of the nuts and bolts your plugin is fair superior than the others out there, I have tried alot and all fail miserably.

          2. Thanks James. That does fit in pretty closely to what other customers have requested and so it’s along the lines of what we’re planning. However, I don’t have an ETA on this, unfortunately.

          3. Not to worry, I think it would be great, if it tied in like this with woocommerce, I have plenty of projects where that would work frankly. Maybe you guys will get around to this at some stage. Good luck with it – my search ocntinues in the meantime 🙂

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