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What’s Next For UpStream? Improved Notifications

What’s next for UpStream? Improved notifications

At the end of April, we released a major update to UpStream. Version 1.24 introduced flexible Milestones and user roles.

1.24 was a big change and since then, we’ve released several smaller UpStream updates as a result of your feedback.

I’m glad to say that we’re now moving forward again and working on the next stage of UpStream.

Next for UpStream: improved notifications

Our next focus for UpStream is making the Email Notifications extension much more flexible. This image shows a preview of what we’re working on:

You will be able to set up multiple notifications. Each notification can be customized in four ways:

  • When to notify? Does the notification send when a new item is added? When an item changes from “In Progress” to “Complete”?
  • For which content? Does the notification send for Projects, Milestones, Tasks, or something else?
  • Who to notify? Who receives the notification?
  • What to say? You can customize the content of the notification.

Plus, we need to change the name of the “Email Notifications” extension, because we plan to also add support Slack.

We don’t have an estimated release date yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as this new feature is ready for testing.

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