How to Rollback a Broken WordPress Plugin Update

If you’ve run a WordPress site for some time, you know the experience … you update a WordPress plugin and it introduces a new bug.

Sometimes the bug is minor and a feature doesn’t work quite like it should. Sometimes the bug is serious enough to break your site.

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You Can Now Assign UpStream Items to Anyone!

This week we released UpStream 1.6 and new versions of several extensions.

The most important feature is you can assign Tasks, Milestones, and Files to anyone involved in your project. You can assign these items to several people at the same time. You can also assign them to Clients.

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How to Create a To-Do Task List in WordPress

WordPress is capable of doing just about everything. Whether you need an eCommerce store, a social networking site, a photo gallery or any other kind of website, WordPress has a plugin for you.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to use WordPress to create and manage a to-do list of tasks.

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UpStream 1.15 is Here With Improved Filters

UpStream 1.15 is available, and it has much more powerful filters on the frontend and admin side of projects.

We’ve been working on developing UpStream for a year, and have learned a lot of lessons from you … the UpStream users. One important lesson is that many users have a lot of¬†projects and tasks. Some UpStream users have 100’s of projects, each with 100’s of tasks.

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