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UpStream 1.15 Is Here With Improved Filters

UpStream 1.15 is Here With Improved Filters

UpStream 1.15 is available, and it has much more powerful filters on the frontend and admin side of projects.

We’ve been working on developing UpStream for a year, and have learned a lot of lessons from you … the UpStream users. One important lesson is that many users have a lot of projects and tasks. Some UpStream users have 100’s of projects, each with 100’s of tasks.

At the end of January, we added Tags and Categories to UpStream so that you can organize all your UpStream items. Now you can use those Tags and Categories – plus many other criteria – to filter your projects and tasks.

New Frontend and Admin Filters

Take a look at the image below to see what’s new in UpStream 1.5. The top area is redesigned, including a new “Toggle Filters” button on the right side. The export options are also consolidated into a single “Export” button.

UpStream task area redesign

Click the “Toggle Filters” button and you’ll be able to use all sorts of filters to sort your UpStream items.

New filters in UpStream

These filters are also available on the main frontend “Projects” screen. Ass you can see in the image below, these filters support the new Custom Fields extension. In this example, we’ve used categories to organize the projects, and those categories are available as a filter. Since a few weeks ago, Tags and Categories are available throughout UpStream, so you can use this feature to categorize Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Bugs and Files.

Filters with Projects in UpStream

In this next example, you can see custom fields that are attached to bugs. This is a radio button field, you can filter for bugs where a certain radio button has been selected.

Filters with custom fields

These filters are also available for you in the admin area:

Admin area filters in UpStream

We’ve also added some new filter options to the “Projects” screen in the admin area. You can now filter by Project Owner and by Client:

Project screen filters in admin area

What else is new in UpStream 1.15?

  • Comment improvements: Project Owners and Assigned users will now receive comments notifications, as will the person who created the item.
  • Translation fixes: The Project Timeline extension is now fully translatable.
  • Performance enhancements: The Projects list in wp-admin is noticeably faster.

We also added a ton of bug-fixes and minor improvements. You can find all the details in our new changelog documentation.

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