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UpStream 1.17 Is Out Now

UpStream 1.17 is Out Now

Hey everyone,

We released UpStream 1.17.0 today. You can grab a copy from or you can update from the “Plugins” area of your site.

There are also new releases for three add-ons:

These releases mostly contain bug-fixes. In addition to lots of small fixes and tweaks, we solved two issues that were really *cough* bugging UpStream users:

  1. The Calendar View and Project Timeline add-ons now load more quickly on projects with 100’s or 100o’s of Tasks.
  2. Projects were losing track of Project Statuses, Milestone, Task, and Bug statuses if they were changed through the UpStream settings.

You can find the official changelog for the main UpStream plugin in 2 places:

There are also changelogs available for each UpStream extension.

Thanks for using UpStream for your WordPress project management.

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