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Next For UpStream: Create Projects On Your Site’s Frontend

Next for UpStream: Create Projects on Your Site’s Frontend

We’re working on the next new feature release for UpStream.

This is the most requested feature from UpStream users: the ability to create projects from the frontend of UpStream.

At the moment, you can create projects from the WordPress admin area. Click on “Projects” and there will be a “New Project” button.

Our plan is to add a similar button, and functionality, on the frontend of UpStream. Most likely, this will be on the main /projects/ page, over the list of all your projects.

This new feature will be part of the Frontend Edit extension, so if you’re already an UpStream member, you’ll get immediate access to this new feature. You won’t need to install or configure anything new.

Our aim is to make sure you can do everythig from the frontend of UpStream that you can do in the admin area. Shortly after this update, you’ll also be able to edit project details via the frontend.

We need your feedback

If you want to test this feature before it’s publicly available, please email

Also, we’d love to hear your feedback before launch:

  • In your organization, who creates projects on your site? Just administrators, or do you allow Clients also?
  • What kind of power do you allow project creators? Are they allowed to choose who access to the project Can they fill in all the details such as Tasks and Bugs, or do they just create the project scope?

As always, we’d love to hear from you:


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  1. Hello, I love the idea of letting clients create projects.


    I’m using your project to allow my colleagues to create small projects so I can allocated resources to manage the request outcomes. This is inside an environment with 38k employees and an IT staff complement of 1200 +

    I’m going to use these tools to track the outcomes of 4-5 major IT service implementations that I must run solo and lean.

    In our line of work many of the small groups of tasks we perform are more like small projects than they are simple service requests. making small projects out of these requests also helps us review tasks and workflows after the “project” has completed. These may be 1-2 week collections of tasks, or they may be portions of a year (Q1-Q3).

    I’m pitching your projects management tools in place of our never-going-to-happen ms project portal.


    1. Wonderful, thanks JB, that’s very helpful.

      I was wondering if anyone wanted to allow Clients to create projects and it turns out that many people do. We’ll make sure to include the option for Clients to create projects.

  2. Great, thanks Greg. I’m thinking that will be the default option, for security purposes.

    Then if people want to open up project creation to their Clients, that can be an active choice they make.

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