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You Can Now Send Email Notifications For UpStream Projects

You Can Now Send Email Notifications for UpStream Projects

Today we’ve released the most commonly-requested new UpStream feature: email notifications.

The Email Notifications extension allows you to send email updates to people working on your projects.

Users will be notified whenever Milestones, Tasks or Bugs are assigned to them.

For example, if you assign a Milestone to one of your users, they’ll receive an email like this:

If you assign a Bug to a user, and it’s associated with a Milestone, they’ll receive an email that shows both of those updates:

High Deliverability

You can choose to use either of WordPress’s native wp_mail() function or the PHPMailer library using your own SMTP options to send out emails. There is also a testing feature built into Email Notifications so you can send out test messages and make sure your emails are being received.

Control Your Notifications

Any user is able to unsubscribe from a given project if they don’t want to receive notifications related to that project. Administrators are also able to disable the notifications feature for individual projects.

You can control your notifications from the sidebar of each project:

What New Features Are Next?

In the next release of the Email Notifications add-on, we’ll allow you to send email reminders.

This will be a configurable settings – you’ll be able to send reminders on a certain number of days before and after bugs and milestones are due.

How Can You Get the Email Notifications Extension?

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