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Good News: Client Users Are Now WordPress Users

Good News: Client Users are now WordPress Users

When you’re first developing a plugin, some early decisions work out really well.

Other decisions … not so much.

That was the situation with Client Users in UpStream. Before now, Client Users weren’t real WordPress users. This led to some significant limitations.
For example, Client Users couldn’t change their own password, or upload their own avatars.

With the latest release of UpStream (version 1.11.0), that has changed. Client Users are now real WordPress users.

After updating UpStream, you’ll see this message:

Client Users are now WordPress Users

Here’s what that message says in plain text:

UpStream Client Users are now WordPress Users. Clients will be able to log in using their own password and manage their very own profile.

  • UpStream attempted to convert them automatically when the plugin was updated.
  • Client Users that could not be automatically converted for some reason will be listed in the Legacy Users box on this page. They can be manually either converted/migrated or discarded.
  • Client Users that were successfully converted will have the same permissions they have before and their email address is now their new password. Please make sure that they change their password.

Next time you go to add a Client User, you’ll see a redesigned page that looks like the image below. Here you can create new WordPress users, or you can make existing WordPress users into clients.

Adding new clients

Hopefully this change will make UpStream significantly more useful for you and your clients.

However, please check your site carefully after updating. In particular:

  • Check to see if there is a Legacy Users box inside your projects. If there are users here, follow the instructions in that box to migrate those users.
  • Make sure that Client Users update their password.
  • Let us know if you find any issues:

Many thanks for using UpStream for your project management!

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