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Help Translate UpStream And Get A Free Membership

Help Translate UpStream and Get a Free Membership

WordPress is often hard to learn, even for native English speakers.

I’m constantly impressed by how talented and hard-working WordPress users are, especially those who build non-English sites.

Everything is more difficult:

  • Plugins and themes need translating, which can often take hours, if they can be translated at all.
  • Multi-lingual sites create extra technical and SEO headaches.
  • Almost all the documentation, how-to videos and even the code itself is written in English.

So, we’d love to make it easier for UpStream users by providing more translations.

We have seen people use UpStream in Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, and many other languages. We know translations are out there.

If you can contribute a translation of UpStream (either the main plugin or the extensions), we’ll give you a free 1 year membership to UpStream.

What languages does UpStream support now?

Currently, UpStream only supports English in the default installation package, but this is only because there’s a big backlog of approvals. does have translated strings for UpStream in several languages, including Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Korean. Click here to see the translations.

A full translation is available for Spanish, together with all the extensions. Click here to download the Spanish files.

UpStream translations

How to contribute an UpStream translation

We’d love to see UpStream available in more languages.

Have you translated UpStream already? Send us your translated files and we’ll give you a free year of UpStream membership.

Do you want to translate UpStream? If you want to use UpStream in a different language, contact us and we’ll give you a free membership. All we ask is that you send back the translated files afterwards.

If you’re interested, you can email us via

UpStream translation help

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