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New Releases Including UpStream 1.21.1

New Releases Including UpStream 1.21.1

If you’ve been following UpStream updates over the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed a pattern: stability and bug-fixes.

UpStream is a relatively new plugin and we moved fast during the first year. We’re now smoothing out many of the issues reported by users. The good news is that this process is almost done and in the next couple of weeks we’ll be back to adding new features!

As part of this focus on stability, we’ve released several updates to the UpStream core and extensions.

The main UpStream plugin

UpStream 1.21.1 is out. You can download it from or from inside your WordPress site.

  • We fixed links in comments so UpStream doesn’t remove the target and other attributes.
  • We fixed some license key activation and upgrade problems if you also had PublishPress installed. The two plugins use the same framework for licenses.
  • We fixed the wrong URLs for assets on Windows machines. This was causing problems with localhost development.

UpStream extensions

There were also releases for 3 UpStream extensions:

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  1. Hi, you didn’t mention in changelog or post the updated extensions will need to be de-installed and reinstalled.

    The auto-update feature for these showed as “unavailable”; leaving only manual de-install and reinstall the only option. Were you aware? May be useful to mention as it does require more effort and planning.



      1. Hi Steve, has happened with this October release too.

        Front-end, timeline and custom field add-ons had message can’t be updated. I deactivated, deleted and had to download and upload files from your site.

        So technically all add-ons are fresh installs from Sept/oct so hopefully this will not happen again.

        If it does I will be in touch or did you want me to do that now before next update?


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