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New Releases Including UpStream 1.21.0

New Releases Including UpStream 1.21.0

We continue to focus on squeezing bugs from UpStream and making it a more stable platform.

So we’ve released several updates to the UpStream core and extensions.

The main UpStream plugin

UpStream 1.21.0 is out. You can download it from or from inside your WordPress site.

One key improvement is related to license keys. We heard from UpStream users that our old approach was cumbersome, so we’ve made improvements. The old approach required you to add licenses on a different screen for each add-ons. The license key boxes were also small and could be difficult to use.

In UpStream, there is now a single “Extensions” screen with a larger and cleaner interface. If you’ve installed multiple extensions you can activate all of them in just a few seconds.

UpStream license keys

This release also adds other improvements and fixes several bugs:

  • Comments are now sent even if the user has checked “Disable the visual editor when writing” on their profile.
  • Comments now support basic HTML tags like P, BR, STRONG, EM, SPAN, DEL, UL, OL and LI.
  • We fixed the HTML content sent in emails sent for comments.
  • We updated the POT file for translators.

The UpStream extensions

There were also releases for 4 UpStream extensions:

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