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UpStream Now Has More Privacy Options for Your Project Files

Version 1.19.1 of UpStream is now available. In this release, we added an option so you can have more control over access to the Media Library.


Help Translate UpStream and Get a Free Membership

WordPress is often hard to learn, even for native English speakers. I’m constantly impressed by how talented and hard-working WordPress users are, especially those who build non-English sites.


You Can Now Use the WordPress Admin Bar in UpStream

You can now hit the bar when you are using UpStream. This week’s release of UpStream (version 1.18.3) adds the option to use the WordPress admin bar together with your projects.


You Can Now Create and Edit Projects From the Frontend of UpStream

We’ve just released a new version of UpStream and the Frontend Edit extension. These releases solve the most popular request from UpStream users: the ability to create and edit projects from the frontend of your site.


How to Change the URL of a Custom Post Type

In UpStream, it’s possible to change the names of almost everything. You can rename “Tasks”, “Bugs”, and other key features. We’re trying hard to make UpStream the most customizable project management plugin for WordPress. However, some users want to take…


Next for UpStream: Create Projects on Your Site’s Frontend

We’re working on the next new feature release for UpStream. This is the most requested feature from UpStream users: the ability to create projects from the frontend of UpStream.


UpStream 1.17 is Out Now

Hey everyone, We released UpStream 1.17.0 today. You can grab a copy from or you can update from the “Plugins” area of your site. There are also new releases for three add-ons: Project Timeline: 1.0.17 Frontend Edit: 1.5.5 Calendar View: 1.0.8


How to Restrict Media Library Access in WordPress

Lots of developers love using WordPress. One the big advantages of WordPress is that you get lots of features out-of-the-box. WordPress gives you a login system, comments, a text editor, a media library others.


How to Show Multiple Themes on a WordPress Site

An UpStream user emailed us this week with an interesting question: Is it possible to show different WordPress themes on different pages?


How to Create a Bug Report Feature in WordPress

WordPress is capable of doing just about everything you need for  website. It doesn’t matter whether you need an eCommerce store, a social networking site, a photo gallery or any other kind of website … WordPress has a plugin for…