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Starting 2019 With New UpStream Features And Bug-Fixes

Starting 2019 With New UpStream Features and Bug-Fixes

Many thanks to all of you who use UpStream. In 2019, our aim is to help you manage projects much more quickly and effectively.

A new version of UpStream is available today. UpStream 1.23.1 has several small improvements and bug-fixes.

We resolved a lot of small bugs and issues that had accumulated over the December holidays.

Three Extension Updates

The full changelog for version 1.23.1 is on

To make these changes possible, there were release for three UpStream extensions:

New Features Coming Soon!

We’re not just fixing bugs – there are also new features coming to UpStream. Here’s a video teaser for a new and improved Calendar View.

PS. Yes, we’re on YouTube now.

As you can see in the video, this update allows you to create items directly from the calendar. You’ll also be able to drag-and-drop items to new dates.

We’re also working on allowing you to create custom milestones for projects. At the moment, milestones are the same for all projects.

Finally, we’re building the first stages of an export feature to enable reporting in UpStream.

Have any ideas for 2019?

Do you have feedback on what you’d like to see in UpStream this year? Our door is always open:

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  1. Hello. I’m interested in switching to Upstream, but can’t find any documentation on a key feature. Is there a view (front end) available where a logged in user can see all their assigned tasks and due dates, across all projects? We’ve got too many projects and users to expect everyone to click inro each project to see what’s they have assigned. Let me now if this is available and I overlooked it, or if it’s possibly in the works! Thanks!

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