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UpStream 1.22 Introduces Many New Features

UpStream 1.22 Introduces Many New Features

If you’ve been following UpStream updates over the last few weeks, you’ll have noticed a pattern: stability and bug-fixes.

That changed this week.

UpStream 1.22 is here with lots of new features. This UpStream release has lots of improvements to permissions, filters and more. There’s even a new custom field type.

Let me walk you through everything that has changed in version 1.22:

New Feature #1. More Permissions

This has been a common request from UpStream customers. Some of you want to allow your users to modify almost any aspect of a project. Some of you don’t want your users to modify anything.

In this version of UpStream, we’ve exposed many, many more permissions. For example, you can now control who can edit each detail on a project. Here are 7 capabilities for projects:

  • project_title_field: you can edit the project’s name
  • project_status_field: you can change the status of the project
  • project_owner_field: you can change the Project Owner
  • project_client_field: you can choose the Client for the project
  • project_users_field: you can select the users assigned to the project
  • project_start_date_field: you can select the Start Date for the project
  • project_end_date_field: you can choose the End Date for the project

This image below shows how those 7 capabilities are implemented on the frontend of UpStream. If you do not have permission to edit these fields, they will not be editable.

UpStream frontend project editing

Note: we’ve had a couple of reports that these new permissions don’t appear immediately. If this happens to you, go to the “Plugins” area in your WordPress admin. Deactivate and then activate the main UpStream plugin. That simple action should enable the new permissions.

This is the first of several steps we’re making to improve the permissions system. You can click here for a full permissions overview. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing more improvements. These capabilities will become more consistent and we’re working on comprehensive documentation.

This video is an introduction to the new UpStream permissions:

New Feature #2. Automatically Hide Closed Items

This was also a common request form UpStream customers. You can now automatically hide completed items.

  • Archive Closed Items: This will entirely remove completed items from the front of your site. This can speed up your page loads if you have a very busy site.
  • Filter Closed Items: This will hide completed items by default, but users can still use filters to view them.

UpStream frontend filters

If you set “Archived Closed Items” to “No”, then you will still be able to search for “Closed” items, as in the image below. However, if you set “Archived Closed Items” to “Yes”, you won’t be able to find closed items at all.

UpStream archives

New Feature #3. Filter Items By Custom Fields

If you use Custom Fields on your projects, you can now choose whether or not to show those fields in your main frontend displays. You can also decide whether these fileds can be used as filters. Inside each custom field, you will see two options, “Filterable” and “Display as column”.

If you set “Filterable” to “Yes”, then your Custom Fields will be be available as frontend filters. In the example below, “Project Type” is a custom field.

New Feature #4. New Custom field type: Autoincrement

Thanks to an UpStream customer who helped support the development of this feature, you can now add “Autoincrement” as one of 9 custom field types. The Autoincrement field type will automatically add a new ID number for new items.

Here are the options for the Autoincrement field:

Here’s an example of the Autoincrement field in action. You can see that each new project is given a number that increases by 1:
UpStream autoincrement field

Several key features in UpStream were made possible by customers. If you have a feature you really need quickly, check out the Custom Development Work page.

UpStream Extensions

To make these new features possible, we updated the main UpStream plugin to 1.22. There were also releases for 3 UpStream extensions:


Thanks to all of you who use and support UpStream.

There are lots more cool features to come over the next few weeks. If you have feedback, please get in touch:

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