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New Releases Including UpStream 1.20.2

New Releases Including UpStream 1.20.2

At the moment, we’re hard at work on squeezing bugs from UpStream and making it a more stable platform.

So this week we released several updates to the UpStream core and extensions.

UpStream 1.20.2 is out. You can download it from or from inside your WordPress site.

One key improvement is related to images. By default, WordPress doesn’t allow all user roles to add images to comments. This limitation was frustrating to some low-level users who were given access to UpStream projects.

We added a new setting and a new capability (upstream_comment_images) for controlling who can add images. By default, all user roles will be selected so that anyone who uses UpStream can also use the full power of comments.

Image permissions inside UpStream

We also fixed 4 bugs:

  • Fixed missed debug statement.
  • Fixed fatal error when date fields are empty and a Task is saved in the front-end.
  • Fixed comments when they contain only images, without any text.
  • Fixed JavaScript error that prevented some users from assigning new tasks.

Finally, there are releases for 2 extensions:

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