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Version 1.9 Of UpStream Is Here

Version 1.9 of UpStream is Here

We’ve just released version 1.9 of UpStream.

There are also bug fix releases for both the Frontend Edit and Project Timeline extensions.

In the main UpStream plugin there are some important changes, particularly if you have people in the “UpStream User” role.

Additional security

We improved the account security for people using the front-end view in UpStream.

As a result, anyone in the “UpStream User” role will need to have their password reset by an administrator. You will need go to the “Users” tab inside WordPress and generate a new password for them:

Sorry, we know this is a pain. But, we realized it was was better to make this change while UpStream is still a new plugin.

Support for more avatars

People really don’t seem happy that WordPress only supports by default. So, in version 1.8 we added support for BuddyPress avatars.

Now, in version 1.9, you can use two more avatar plugins:

Smaller WYSIWYG editors

The WYSIWYG editors inside UpStream are now smaller, and don’t bump into other elements on the page:

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