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5 New Features In UpStream Version 1.8

5 New Features in UpStream Version 1.8

In the last couple of weeks, you might have seen two updates to Upstream: versions 1.7 and then 1.8.

We’re pleased to say that all of these changes in these versions were made from customer requests. We are listening and acting on your feedback, so if you have any requests for improving UpStream, please let us know.

Here’s an overview of the new UpStream features:

#1. Auto-save

Projects are now auto-saved after adding a new “Task”, “Bug”, “Discussion” or “File”. This means you won’t lose any changes if you forget to click “Update”.

#2. BuddyPress integration

UpStream now automatically uses BuddyPress avatars if you have BuddyPress installed.

#3. More WYSIWYG

Previously only text fields were available, but we added the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to far more areas. You can now use the WYSIWYG any time that you have to add long text. For example, here’s the WYWSIWYG area for project discussions.

#4. Project descriptions

You can now add a Description field for projects to give users more details on what’s happening:

#5. Disable Milestones, Tasks, Bugs and Files

Not every project needs all the features of UpStream. Milestones, Tasks, Bugs and Files can all now be disabled for individual projects. In the admin area, you’ll be able to check a box like the one shown below:

Smaller fixes

  • The admin-area metaboxes are now all 100% width.
  • We dropped the “Project Author” metabox that comes by default with WordPress. That wasn’t needed on project management pages.

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