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Reviews Of The UpStream Plugin

Reviews of the UpStream Plugin

Are you wondering whether or not to use the Upstream plugin for your WordPress Project Management site?

Here are some reviews collected from around the web.


UpStream is WordPress project management plugin that will enable you to manage all your projects irrespective of their type. One great feature of the plugin is that you can manage all your projects from the WordPress website itself. The front-end project view will allow your clients to keep a watch on the progress of their projects. There is a wide range of extensions through which you will be able to extend the features and add front-end editing capabilities to your projects. You will be able to link the tasks and milestones with each other that will result in better efficiency.


UpStream is the best choice on this list for fully-featured project management. If you do have simpler needs, such as a plain to-do list, there are good alternatives. But UpStream has a ton of features, frontend and admin views, a good user interface, and is highly customizable.


UpStream may be a free WordPress project management plugin, but it is highly flexible as it allows you to manage any kind of project from the walls of your WordPress site. Your clients will be able to access the status of the project from the frontend view. There are plenty of options and settings available for you to customize your site from its design to the templates and plugins you use. You can add your own CSS, custom fields and more.


After installing this plug-in I was blown away by the ease of set-up in the back-end and the very nice and clean looking front-end (for customers). It’s just “plug and play” and if you want to have some extended options, they have a very reasonable priced add-ons package.

Although quite mature already, this plug-in is rather ‘young’. They fully acknowledge that and working constantly on further improving it. Proof? See the support section, where they LISTEN to suggestions.


This is by far the best plugin I have used (personally and for work) to manage projects. Highly recommend it.

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