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Ready to build projects, tasks, and more using forms? UpStream Forms integrates UpStream with Ninja
Forms, Gravity Forms, and WPForms to allow your users to create or edit projects, tasks, milestones, and
much more.

With the UpStream Forms extension and Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, or WPForms, you can build custom forms
that allow your users (or anonymous website viewers) to create new projects, assign and set information such
as start dates, end dates, progress, users, colors, and much more, and even build out project trees.

Choose from any of the most popular forms tools, or even combine multiple forms tools.

Upstream Forms settings

Build or edit nearly any project using a client-focused template that you design…and do it in minutes.

You can design forms to allow your clients or users to enter any information you need, and then you can
build out projects based on that information — all automatically.

With UpStream Forms you can map nearly any project, task, milestone, or bug field to a form field.