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Slide 1 WordPress Project Management UpStream allows you to manage
any project with WordPress
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UpStream Helps You Track Progress

You can set and track major milestones for your project. Each milestone has start and end dates. You can easily see your progress with the Project Timeline and Calendar View extensions.

Your Clients Will Love UpStream

Your clients can view projects on the front end of your site. With the Frontend Edit extension, clients can also interact with the project, create tasks and bugs, and upload files.

UpStream Speaks Your Language

UpStream is pre-translated into English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Portugese, and Italian.  In addition, UpStream is 100% localized and ready for translation to any other languages.

Enter Any Data You Need, Using Custom Fields

UpStream offers you custom fields, so you can collect any information you need. Customize your projects, tasks, bugs, files and milestones.

Discuss Anything About Your Projects

UpStream is fully integrated with WordPress’ default comments feature. You can discuss any aspect of your UpStream projects.

Time Tracking and Budgeting

The Time and Budget Tracking Extension lets you track time spent, and amount spent/budgeted on tasks, projects, and more.  An automatic timer can time your activity.

Get The Reports You Need, Anytime

The UpStream Reports extension offers a complete reporting solution, letting you filter by nearly any field and display your data in tables, charts, and more.

Field Level Permissions

With UpStream Advanced Permissions, you can set field level permissions on projects, tasks, milestones, and more.  You can make certain fields visible, hidden, or read-only, depending on user roles.

Interested in UpStream? Try Before You Buy

Are you curious about UpStream? You can test UpStream with a free demo site that has all the extensions. Click here to try UpStream.