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UpStream Gets New Drag-and-Drop And Quick-Edit Features

UpStream Gets New Drag-and-Drop and Quick-Edit Features

UpStream 1.23.2 is out, together with updates for many UpStream extensions.

These updates make UpStream much easier to use.

Both the Calendar View and Project Timeline extensions now allow you to update project items using drag-and-drop. They also both support quick-editing of your project items.

Here’s an overview of 4 cool new features in the latest UpStream releases.

Feature #1. Drag-and-drop calendar items

My favorite feature in these releases is drag-and-drop support for the Calendar View extension. You can use this to quickly move items on the calendar to new dates. In the image below, you can drag-and-drop the “Create the new logo” task from Thursday 14th to Tuesday 19th.

Drag-and-drop items in the UpStream calendar

Your Calendar will show both the Start and End dates for project items. So to make it easier to know which one you’re looking at, we added arrow icons. In the image below, the arrow pointing to the right shows a Start date. The arrow pointing to the left shows the End date for the same item.

Icons in the UpStream calendar

Feature #2. Create and edit items inside the calendar

The next new Calendar feature allows you to create and edit project items more easily. You will now see a “Click to create” link inside any date:

Click to create in UpStream calendar

After clicking on the “Click to create” link, you will be able to choose to create a Task, Bug or Milestone.

Create new items in UpStream calendar

You can also click on any item in the Calendar to get more information. This image shows the extra information you’ll see, plus an “Edit” button.

Edit items in UpStream calendar

Feature #3. Drag-and-drop to change timeline items

Using the Project Timeline extension, you can click on the Start and End dates of any item. You can drag the toolbar items to change the date.

Drag-and-drop in the UpStream timeline

Feature #4. Edit items from the Project Timeline

As with the Calendar, the Project Timeline extension also allows you to click on items to edit them in the timeline

Edit items in the Project Timeline

Details and changelogs

I’ve given an overview of four cool new features in these releases, but there are lots of smaller changes and bug-fixes too. If you want to see more specific details, we have full changelogs available.

The full changelog for UpStream 1.23.2 is on

There were release for four UpStream extensions:

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