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It is possible to export UpStream projects from one WordPress site and import them to another site.

Please note that this process is not perfect and we’re working to improve it. The import is best done to a completely clean WordPress site.

  • To get started, make sure you have some projects to export. In this example, my original site has 3 projects:
Projects in an UpStream WordPress site
  • Install the “WordPress Importer” plugin to this site:
WordPress importer plugin installation
  • Go to Tools > Export.
Export link in a WordPress site
  • On the “Export” page, choose “Projects”, as in the screenshot below.
  • Click “Download Export File”.
  • A file will download to your desktop. The file will have a name like this: myupstreamsite.wordpress.2018-03-19.xml.
Exporting projects from an UpStream site
  • Now move to your new, clean WordPress site.
  • Install the UpStream plugin, if you don’t have it already on this new site.
Installing UpStream to a WordPress site
  • Go to Tools > Import.
Import link in WordPress
  • Click “Install Now” next to “WordPress”.
  • Click “Run Importer” next to “WordPress”.
Import from WordPress to WordPress
  • Upload the XML file that you downloaded from the Export Site:
Import an XML file to WordPress
  • Choose an user account to assign as the “author” of the project.
  • Check the box “Download and import file attachments”.
  • Click “Submit”.
Final step in import process to WordPress
  • You will now see the message that the import is complete.
  • Go to UpStream > Projects to check that your projects were successfully moved.
WordPress import successfully completed

A Note on Importing Users

Please note that this process does not import your WordPress user accounts, so that will need be done differently. This can be done using the “Clients” feature show in the image below.

The main thing to be aware of is importing users to a site that already has user accounts.

Both WordPress and UpStream rely on an ID number to identify users. So if you have a Client User called “Steve Jobs” on the old site, he might have a User ID of 5. However, on the new site, if you already have 100 users, someone else already has that User ID of 5.

If you do need to import projects to a site with existing users, you can complete the import and then re-assign the projects to the correct Clients.

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