PluginTests is a Great Way to Test WordPress Plugins

If you’re in charge of a WordPress-based project, you want to make sure you’re using the very best plugins.

One way to check the ensure of a plugin is to run tests. The WordPress community is doing a lot of work to improve their automated tests.

There’s the Tide Project, which aims to improve code quality across the WordPress ecosystem. An agency called XWP has been working with Google, Automattic, and WP Engine to create automated tests for all WordPress plugins and themes.

Before that launches, another very useful option is

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So You Want a WordPress Project Manager Job?

As WordPress agencies grow larger and there is more and more demand for talented WordPress project managers.

Agencies make their money by completing projects, and the Project Manager is the person who makes sure that the agency completes projects,

In an earlier post, we described the role of a Project Manager:

The Project Manager is in charge of getting things done, the “How?” and the “Who?”. The Project Manager is responsible for completing the project within an established time and budget.

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The Custom Fields Extension is Here

The next major upgrade to UpStream is here.

We’ve just released the first version of the Custom Fields extension.

Custom Fields allows you to collect extra information for your projects, milestones, tasks, bugs, and files.

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