UpStream 1.24.4 is Built on Your Feedback

UpStream 1.24.4 is out now and it incorporates dozens of small improvements and bug-fixes that were suggested by UpStream users.

There are also several releases for UpStream extensions.

Here’s an overview of some changes you’ll see in UpStream 1.24.4.

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UpStream 1.24 Has Flexible Milestones and User Roles

UpStream 1.24 is now available and it has several features to add flexibility to your projects.

One key new feature is that you can create unique Milestones for each project. In previous versions of UpStream, there was a general set of Milestones that were shared across projects.

In this UpStream release, you are also free to add any users to your projects. Your users no longer have to be in a specific role.

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UpStream Gets New Drag-and-Drop and Quick-Edit Features

UpStream 1.23.2 is out, together with updates for many UpStream extensions.

These updates make UpStream much easier to use.

Both the Calendar View and Project Timeline extensions now allow you to update project items using drag-and-drop. They also both support quick-editing of your project items.

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Starting 2019 With New UpStream Features and Bug-Fixes

Many thanks to all of you who use UpStream. In 2019, our aim is to help you manage projects much more quickly and effectively.

A new version of UpStream is available today. UpStream 1.23.1 has several small improvements and bug-fixes.

We resolved a lot of small bugs and issues that had accumulated over the December holidays.

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How to Customize the WordPress Login Experience

One UpStream user asked us if it was possible to customize the login experience on his WordPress site. He wanted people to feel like they were visiting his site, rather than just another, generic WordPress site.

Yes, that’s definitely possible. In this guide, I’ll show you several ways you can customize the experience that users get when they log in to your site.

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