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UpStream 1.23 Makes The Frontend More Flexible

UpStream 1.23 Makes the Frontend More Flexible

A new version of UpStream is available today. UpStream 1.23 has several small improvements and bug-fixes.

All of the notable new improvements are designed to make the frontend of UpStream easier to use.

Rearrange the frontend layout

UpStream users asked us for the ability to customize the frontend layout. You can now use drag-and-drop to rerrange the main panels on the frontend of UpStream. Look for the icons in the top-left of each panel and you can drag each panel to a new location.

Other improvements for frontend panels

If you make changes to a frontend panel, UpStream will now remember those settings. For example, if you minimize a panel, or change the sorting in a table, UpStream will remember that.

Plus, all of the frontend panels now have their own anchor links so you can send people directly to them. These anchor links look like this:

  • #timeline
  • #calendar
  • #milestones
  • #tasks
  • #bugs
  • #files
  • #discussion

Four Extension Updates

To make these changes possible, there were release for four UpStream extensions:

Other changes

We added a new button to the “Maintenance” section of UpStream’s settings. In some situations, projects would get incorrect numbers for Tasks, Milestones, and Bugs. Often this would happen when items were assigned to a user who was then deleted.

We also added information to the debug page, including PHP version, OS, WordPress version, and a list of plugins with their activation status.

The full changelog for version 1.23 is on

If you have any questions, send us message.

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